Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double Happiness

Wishing Judy & Eddy double loads of happiness, what a sweet couple and they deserve all the love in the world. The day started with a traditional Chinese wedding which was so much fun (door games hosted by the bridesmaids, and Eddy had to prove his love before he can enter the house). A heart full ceremony followed at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, the sky was bluer and the place romantic.

We had another exhilirating time covering this wedding. Emotions filled the air when the bride walked down the aisle, she started sobbing halfway through, and everybody wanted to sob with her, sobs of joy. Who wouldn't? She's marrying her bestfriend boyfriend since their college days.

The party that followed was hot. The couple's selection of music was groovin, and the DJ's mixes bring everybody to the dance floor. At one point, the groom had to....well, we won't rob you the fun, so watch the slideshow we prepared for them.

Here are some of the photos (click photos to enlarge).

The lovely and sweet Judy

Bridesmaids welcoming Eddy and the groomsmen.

But not so fast. Some hurdles along the way.

Feel the breeze...

Open bar, here we come!

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