Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leslie + Paul

Another great photoshoot with a wonderful couple - Leslie and Paul. The afternoon started with a rain, and later on subsided. We had dramatic clouds and gloomy sky. I saw this graffitti near Market St. and we shot something grungy. It was raining, and can't really shoot outdoors, 'thought of going to a nearby hotel but somehow I didnt find anything interesting in the lobby. Just when we were about to leave, Leslie & Paul saw their friend who was working at the hotel, and he suggested we go to the rooftop restaurant, and was the view amazing! Leslie likes architecture and SF and this was architecture with SF view.
Later, we revisited "The Boulevard" where Paul proposed to Leslie. The couple mentioned to me beforehand they like to have shots at the embarcadero and overlooking the Bay Bridge - their wish is my command, and we have poetic shots in these locations. Here are some of them. To Leslie & Paul, thank you so much for a wonderful photoshoot and for bearing with me.

How clever are these 2 birds in the sky flying into my frame. They add a good finish to this heartfelt photo.

Somewhere in the parking lot...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a day!

I wake up and I am a year older. My wife is beside me, whispering greetings to my ears, "happy birthday honey" thrice she greets me, but she's half-awake. I smile. I hug and kiss her and prepare for the day.

I check my emails, and see more greetings from my friends and family. This is an ordinary day, made special, because of the warm thoughts and greetings from my loved ones, long-lost friends, former colleagues, and high school classmates. It's the thought that counts.

I continue checking my emails. And I was greeted by Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), not birthday greetings, but congratulations for winning their 2008 2nd Half competition. I won 1st place for Individual Portraits category, 1st place for Landscape category, 2nd place for the Advertising/Fashion category, plus 3 more Accolade of Excellence awards for the Engagement and Bridal category. Wow, what a blessing, and what a special birthday gift. I am so happy and inspired. Overwhelmed!

I thank God for this wonderful day.

1st Place - Individual Portraits category - "Muay Thai fighter"

1st Place - Landscape category - "Golden Gate"

2nd Place - Advertising/Fashion - "CK"

Accolade of Excellence - Engagement - "Somewhere in Time"

Accolade of Excellence - Bride and Groom Together category - "Kiss"

Accolade of Excellence - Landscape - "Mirror Lake"