Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jessica & Carlos

Jessica & Carlos, the chemistry between you two is very inspiring... and thanks for being so patient with me.
Had a great time processing your photos. Here are some of them.
Phoebe and I are looking forward for your wedding.

Us at Santa Clara Weekly Newspaper!

Carolyn Schuk, the associate editor of Santa Clara Weekly, featured us in the local newspaper. Big grin, when we read the paper today.
Carolyn writes, "[This is iT Photography] has an eclectic style that marries a modern sensibility with a fine art aesthetics. The results are photographs with narrative that uniquely reflect their subjects. Aviles makes the environment and setting integral to wedding and portrait pictures, preferring natural spontaneous shots rather than staged photos. Even his posed photos have a natural, unstudied feel."
Thanks Carolyn, and thanks Santa Clara Weekly for appreciating our work.
Thanks to our clients and friends and to all of you for believing in us. Your support fuels us and keeps us going.

Much love,
Marc & Phoebe

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marc wins 1st & 2nd at WPPI!

After having oohhhed and aaaahhed from viewing the winners gallery of WPPI competitions last year, Marc and I thought we'll give it a shot.

Marc entered 2 photos for the landscape/nature category, and guess what, he bagged the 1st and 2nd place! what a blessing!

WPPI is a huge international organization which holds the one of the biggest (may i say) photography international conference and trade show, bringing together 11,000+ photographers.
I entered the Portraits category where i got an accolade of excellence. :) Marc garnered 3 Accolades of Excellence on the Engagement/Illustrative/Pets categories.

Yosemite (1st Place)

The Valley of Fire, Las Vegas (2nd Place)

Phoebe's Accolade of Excellence - Zarina (Portraits)

Marc's Accolade of Excellence - Armageddon (Illustrative)

Marc's Accolade of Excellence - Waiting (Pets)