Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Phoebe and I get our inspirations from almost any thing - animate and inanimate. We are also inspired by magazines, especially movies(!) and joining photography competitions worldwide. Last June 19, 1 hour before the deadline of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International ( WPPI ) 2009 First Half competition, we submitted few entries in different categories. Today, July 1st, 2009 WPPI informed us that Phoebe's entry in Glamour Category won 2nd Place and my entry in High School Senior Portrait category won 1st Place. Four of my entries also got Accolade of Excellence. What a blessing! We're inspired even more.. :)

1st Place - Sisters - Portrait/High School Senior category

2nd Place - Masquerade - Portrait/Glamour category

Accolade of Excelence - Quintessential - Advertising/Fashion category
Quintessential by Qscents Philippines

Accolade of Excelence - Window - Portrait/Glamour category
Model: Jaja Bolivarof TFC's Adobo Nation

Accolade of Excelence - Lauren - Portrait/High School Senior category

Accolade of Excelence - Blindfold - Portrait/Individual category