Friday, May 28, 2010

Donna and John - Destination Wedding Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Wedding Date: May 8, 2010
Destination Wedding - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Wedding Planner - Sarai Flores of Signature Weddings Mexico
Ceremony Venue - Sunset da Mona Lisa
Makeup Artist - Katie B
Florist Designer - Pina Hernandez
DJ - Adan Mijares
Fire Dancers- Lunas de Fuego
Video- Jorge Ibarra

Donna and John got ready at their hotel, the Riu Palace - a humungous resort, impressive right from the first sight. But I got lost on my way to Donna's room, they have a unique room numbering sequence, confusing to a first time guest. I must have walked a mile looking for Donna's room. Good thing I arrived early. Marc went off to John's room. Both bride and groom have agreed not to see each other before the ceremony and therefore we have to photograph within the confines of the room - how tempting it was to photograph outside the room but we're not taking any risk and must avoid at all costs any chance of the two bumping into each other prior to ceremony.

Donna's room was pristine, with ample light. When I arrived, Katie B., an L.A. based hair/makeup artist was performing her art on Donna. Katie's makeup looks great in photograph - there is color - and still making the bride look gorgeous in person. Some brides might want to go for the nude or barely there makeup, but in the camera these makeup sometimes barely show. What I like about Katie B is that the makeup looks awesome in person and in camera. I dont need to touch-up the photos. :) The bridesmaids gave Donna a personalized gift - it's a box with something old something new something borrowed something blue. I think it's very sweet, a must-have kit for every bride to keep the tradition alive. Speaking of something's - I specially like Donna's something-blue which is a temporary tattoo of 2 blue hearts which a bride can wear anywhere on her skin. :) A few of the Something-blue's I've seen a bride wear were blue shoes, blue garter, blue knickers, blue jewelries, blue clip, blue toe nails, blue streak of hair. I must say, a blue temporary tattoo is a clever idea.

The ceremony venue is awesome. Sunset da Mona Lisa was the picturesque setting for Donna and John's wedding. It's advertised as the best sunset viewing place at Cabo. When the newlyweds were introduced as Mr and Mrs, sparklers were lit and the guests roared and cheered welcoming them. Each event are on cue, thanks to awesome wedding planner Sarai Flores of Signature Weddings Mexico. The DJ rocked the house with the sounds, never a dull song played. The guests were having a blast and enjoying the great time celebrating with the newly weds. After all, it's Cabo!

Thanks so much Donna and John, we are so happy to have photographed your wedding. You guys rock!

Rochelle and Tony - Engagement

Rochelle and Tony are our good friends. Both are lovers of adventures and nature. Hiking is one their favorite past times. For their engagement session, we hiked (for a few minutes but seemed like forever to Phoebe) to the woods/forest area in Villa Montalvo. We went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk hoping to take some shots on the theme park rides. We were excited but it was closed on a weekday :( instead we stopped for hotdog and tasty garlic french fries (must try for the junk food lovers). Good thing about Santa Cruz is there's always the beach and the popular Light House. The Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz never failed to please, we had beautiful photos during sunset. Thick clouds covered the sky, hiding the sunset colors. We took a break for pizza, recharged ourselves to match the high energy that our friends have. Then back to San Jose downtown for some night shots to finish the shoot.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fadi + Fairuz = Baby Adam

In 2008, we covered the wedding of Fairuz and Fadi at the Carnelian Room, San Francisco. In 2010, baby boy Adam was born and again my heart melts seeing the happiness of proud parents, I remember the happiness they have on their wedding day years ago. Their love has given birth to bouncing baby boy, and I'm glad I'm the photographer. A wedding photo of Fairuz and Fadi also appeared at an airline magazine where our studio was featured. Fairuz was also so kind to help us in our very first Bridal Faire booth where she talked to other fellow brides and shared her wedding experience. Her friendliness was not only much appreciated by us but also by the brides who were shopping for the right vendor. And here are more photos of their family.