Monday, June 15, 2009

Fanny + Shang = A Funny Engagement Session

Fanny and Shang both studied at UC Berkeley, and it is just right to have their engagement session done in the campus to relive the old school days, where they first met and fell in love... and it all started when Shang borrowed an eraser from Fanny =).
We had a lot of laughs during the photoshoot, we surely had a great time with this fun and easy-going couple.
Here are some of their photos and don't forget to watch their cute slideshow at the end.


A Passion for Life's Moments

We're in Asian Journal =)

When writer Malou Liwanag-Aguilar told us, that the weekly Asian Journal (Northern California edition) would come out on May 29, 2009, we eagerly waited to get the first copy of the newspaper. We headed to the nearest Asian store and got a dozen (or so) =). We were blown-away when we saw the coverpage of the lifestyle section. There we are, our photos in full page glory, holding our cameras. We can hardly stop staring at it, ironically, us photographers have a few photos of ourselves on display, so we savor the sweet moment of being on the newspaper. =)
Malou Aguilar writes, "...photographers could capture moments in a matter of seconds, and yet it would amount to a lifetime of memories. Marc and Phoebe Aviles, through their camera lens, continue to celebrate life in passion." A lot more of good stuff in there, and we're glad our clients are happy to see their photos on the newspaper as well. Read on...

Cover Story, Page 2
Cover Story, Page 3

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weddings Across Cultures

Whenever I fly with Philippine Airlines(PAL), I always scan their in-flight magazine "Mabuhay", which has travel photography and articles worth staring at and worth reading. Last year, I had the chance to start working with PAL as a freelance photographer. I shoot assignments at SF, travel photos in Santa Cruz, and Monterey. It was like a dream came to reality when my photo of the Golden Gate Bridge made it to their Cover Page.

This time, in the month of June, the wedding season, I am glad that our studio got featured in Mabuhay. The magazine featureds cross-cultural weddings that we covered - Indian, Korean, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Chinese among a few.

Gary Singh of Metro, Silicon Valley's weekly newspaper wrote the article.
To see the article please visit the following links:
Page 38
Page 39
Page 40
Page 41

Gary also published an article about us with different slant here at Meto Silicon Valley Newspaper .