Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marc wins 1st & 2nd at WPPI!

After having oohhhed and aaaahhed from viewing the winners gallery of WPPI competitions last year, Marc and I thought we'll give it a shot.

Marc entered 2 photos for the landscape/nature category, and guess what, he bagged the 1st and 2nd place! what a blessing!

WPPI is a huge international organization which holds the one of the biggest (may i say) photography international conference and trade show, bringing together 11,000+ photographers.
I entered the Portraits category where i got an accolade of excellence. :) Marc garnered 3 Accolades of Excellence on the Engagement/Illustrative/Pets categories.

Yosemite (1st Place)

The Valley of Fire, Las Vegas (2nd Place)

Phoebe's Accolade of Excellence - Zarina (Portraits)

Marc's Accolade of Excellence - Armageddon (Illustrative)

Marc's Accolade of Excellence - Waiting (Pets)

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