Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Dates Places

Nola's at downtown Palo Alto, was where Mark and Jen had their first date, and what could be more perfect venue for their e-photoshoot than Nola's, an artsy party place bar & resto with red walls, fancy paintings and whimsical artifacts. I can stay there all day are some of the photos...

Another casual spot to swing by during first dates is Michael's Gelato and Cafe.

It has a 2nd floor patio overlooking University Ave, it's a nice place to cool down and relax.

Bistro 412 was one of the memorable dates for Jen & Mark, and so here we are.

with pretty daughter Gina...

and of course, a stop by our studio for a few more studio shots. *wink* :)

Thanks to Jen, Mark, and Gina for a refreshing afternoon photoshoot!

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